Pet Compounding

pets Pet owners are welcome to shop at Preferred Pharmacy. We are the go-to pharmacy for all kinds of patients whether you are young or old; feathered or furry.

Like humans, pets experience pain and discomfort from illness too. Some of them have skin allergies, rashes, food allergies, heart issues, cancer and even diabetes. This makes the medication needs of pets equally as complex as those needed by humans.

As a pharmacy that aims to serve any and every patient in the community, we acquired the staff and the equipment that allows us to proficiently compound medications for veterinary or pet-use. In fact, we can customize the dosage, form and flavor of our medications to suit the needs of your beloved pets.

Our compounding laboratory can prepare pet medications in the form of syrups, liquids, pet treatments, Polox sol-gel and granules. Please ask our pharmacist for available flavors. Contact us!

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