About Us

Pharmacist talking to a mother and a childPreferred Pharmacy is a humble neighborhood pharmacy which was started by local owners to provide local families and communities with high-standard pharmacy services and first-rate pharmaceutical products and supplies.

Now, years after, we have successfully proven our commitment to our mission. With a team of professional pharmacists, skilled chemists, and approachable staff, we have made the lives of our customers more healthy and convenient. And because of that, we have, in turn, gained their loyalty and trust over the years.

Our Mission

Preferred Pharmacy seeks to deliver incomparable pharmacy services and top-of-the-line medical products to our loyal clients and customers. We reach out to patients and families at home, in hospitals, and in institutions, providing them with no less than their specific and distinctive needs as patients or care providers. We will do this by employing the latest technological advancements and clinical discoveries, matched with utmost professionalism and genuine passion for the good of those we serve.

We encourage you to visit us in our pharmacy in 3939 Hillcroft Street, Houston, Texas. We cannot wait to meet you and serve you today.

Contact Information

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