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Treat yourself to an unforgettable pharmacy experience today.

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Let our systems and technology bring you medications that suit your taste.

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Welcome to Preferred Pharmacy

Your usual and average pharmacy experience will never be the same again once you visit our branch in Houston, Texas. It is our desire to give you an exciting and satisfying service every time you visit us.

Preferred Pharmacy is not your everyday pharmacy. It is our goal to set ourselves apart from all other pharmacies through the personal and distinctive level of customer service that you can only get from a neighborhood pharmacy but with a merchandise distribution and pharmacy services that are equivalent to those of large pharmaceutical chains.

We never compromise in helping you achieve optimum health and wellness. Our pharmacists, technicians, chemists, and representatives are always ready and able to be of your service anytime.

Pharmacist holding a medicine bottleWith Preferred Pharmacy, you can be sure that:

  • your health and safety is our foremost concern so we provide only the freshest, genuine, and most recommended brands of medicines and supplements;
  • we make your lives easier and more convenient through our long list of beneficial pharmacy services that you can get at a reasonable cost or even for FREE!

Visit us today and make your first Preferred Pharmacy experience an experience to remember.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of pharmacy service to the patients, providers and caregivers...

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